SecuritiesVoting - an efficient, secure and reliable way of enabling your shareholders to participate at a shareholders’ meeting

Shareholders can send voting instructions online via SecuritiesVoting before a shareholders’ meeting is held

- OR -

Shareholders can register via SecuritiesVoting and request an attendance card in order to be able to attend a shareholders’ meeting in person

Why issuers use SecuritiesVoting?

Key benefits

  • Facilitates good corporate governance, as legislation actively encourages issuers to provide online voting solutions.
  • Easily accessible system that enables all shareholders to participate at shareholders’ meetings by either voting online or using the system to efficiently request an attendance card for attending the meeting in person.
  • Replaces manual paper vote processing, which reduces the likelihood of errors, speeds up the process and gives shareholders the opportunity to alter their voting instructions if they wish.
  • Maximum security. It ensures that votes are cast, and that they are cast correctly.

Key features

  • Send out your shareholders’ meeting notifications via SecuritiesVoting and reach a wide audience.
  • Let your shareholders exercise their voting rights directly – online, via a proven, user-friendly interface.
  • Every intermediary and proxy agency - wherever they are in the world - can use the easily accessible system to process registrations or issue voting instructions for their clients and upload beneficial owners if applicable.
  • Appoint a vote collector of your choice for which a dedicated workstation will be created automatically that can collect the voting instructions in a secure manner.
  • Use the issuer's workstation to monitor the pre-meeting quorum. Allows the issuer or its agent to keep track of shareholders who will cast their votes at the shareholders meeting or who have cast their votes in advance electronically via the system.
  • All shareholders who have issued voting instructions will receive confirmation of their votes after their voting instructions have been submitted at the shareholders’ meeting.

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